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Consultant - Table Extraction (02.24)

Tables are one of the most common ways data is organized on documents. However, targeting the data inside them presents its own set of challenges. A table’s structure can range from simple and straightforward to more complex (and even confounding). Different organizations may organize the same data differently, creating different tables for what, essentially, is the same data.

This course aims to educate users on the different methods available in Grooper to extract data from tables on a document. Students will gain a practical understanding of how to build tabular extraction in Grooper, using documents from the Oil and Gas industry, government forms, and invoices. Furthermore, this course will educate users why one may be more beneficial over another and how to use tools available throughout Grooper to get the most out of tabular extraction.
  • Introduction
  • Files to Download
  • Intro To Table Extraction sample
  • Table Extraction Quiz 1
  • Row Match
  • Intro To Row Match, Row Instances, and Column Extractors sample
  • Row Match & Named Groups/Named Instances
  • Exercise (And A More Challenging Table)
  • Table Extraction Quiz 2
  • Header Value
  • Intro To Header-Value
  • Why Table Lines Are Important
  • Table Variation: Part 1 - Header Extractors
  • Table Variation: Part 2 - Value Extractors
  • Exercise
  • Advanced Techniques: Invoice Demo
  • Table Extraction Quiz 3
  • Grid Layout
  • Intro to Grid Layout
  • What To Do Without Table Lines: The Y Axis Extractor
  • Special Functionality: Transposed Tables
  • Special Functionality: OMR Tables
  • Exercise Solution (And Shortcomings of Grid Layout)
  • Table Extraction Quiz 4
  • Tabular Layout
  • Intro to Tabular Layout
  • Compare and Contrast: Header-Value vs Tabular Layout
  • Exercise
  • Table Extraction Quiz 5
  • Text File Specific Extract Methods
  • Delimited Extract And Fixed Width
  • Table Extraction Quiz 6
  • Exporting Table Data & Creative Cases
  • Database Export
  • Creative Cases
  • Table Extraction Quiz 7
  • Finale
  • Finale
  • Table Extraction - Course Survey
  • Table Extraction - Exam Assessment
  • Table Extraction - Lab Assessment
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed