The Grooper Web Client allows end users to process documents using an internet connection alone. With the Grooper Web Client, there is no reason for document review users to install Grooper on their workstations. Instead, Grooper is installed on a web server, and users simply access that server's Grooper Repository (or Repositories) using a web browser. They can process review tasks and edit Batch content using a web-based user interface instead of the traditional thick client. Furthermore, there is no reason for them to be granted access to the Grooper Repository databases or file stores since only the service user configured on the web server needs those rights. This makes the review experience more modern, more secure, and more easily distributable.

This series is divided into three major sections:

  1. Installation Guide
    • In this section, we will show you how to configure the web server's IIS settings and install the Grooper Web Client application.
  2. User Guide
    • This portion is geared towards end users who will be using the Grooper Web Client to review Grooper's automated document processing results. This includes detailed information on how to use the various modules to review document classification, data extraction, and more.
  3. Designer Guide
    • This section contains information and advice for Grooper Design Studio users on how to configure Review steps in a Batch Process and other tips to increase the value of the user's review experience.